A Book about a block: dogpatch, Sf


For this project I was tasked with doing extensive ethnographic, observational, and historical research on a block of my choice. I chose The Dogpatch along San Francisco's waterfront, the neighborhood I live in and have come to love. Its hulking cranes and industrial patina mark its iconic charm. I used a historical survey of the Dogpatch to create a book which details its past, and coupled with my own illustrations serves to highlight a neighborhood with one foot in the past and one foot in the future. 

In addition, I created a sound collage of audio, field recorded and sourced exclusively from the Dogpatch. With the field recordings collected on a Tascam DR-07, I created  four separate tracks each using only audio from the neighborhood, which I then effected and manipulated to expose the senses to an altogether different aspect of the Dogpatch. I then dubbed these tracks to a C-60 cassette tape and designed a J-card insert with information on where I recorded the source material. My love for audio and field recorded texture is something that often makes its way in to my work and I wanted my audience to have access to an often overlooked component of experience.