Nicholas Nixon: aBout FORTY years


An exhibition poster for Nicholas Nixon's About Forty Years, a 40 year documentary photo project in which Nixon extensively cataloged his wife and her sisters as well as the intimacy of various people close to Nixon. The series is a powerful collection of the human condition all photographed on a large format film camera and explores themes of love, regret, despair, aging, embrace, and intimacy. 

To highlight the beauty of these black and white, large format images I created a poster by constructing a lumen print; a camera-less photography method in which objects are placed on light sensitive photo paper and are then exposed to the sun. The number '40' resides in the center as a testament to the unbelievable time spent by Nixon documenting his life. Grass, twigs, and other natural elements reference the dense textures often portrayed in Nixon's work. The entire image is framed as if looking through the view finder of a 4 by 5 large format camera with hairlines and outer frame. It was my hope to capture the contrast, tenderness and melancholy of Nixon's incredible body of work.